Project Managers


Natasha Cohen


Natasha has a total of 20 years of Mental Health Social Work experience in both voluntary and statutory services. She is also a Holistic Therapist and uses a combination of approaches to support the individuals she is working with to recovery from their difficulties, so as not to focus on the medical model of recovery solely.

Having worked in community and hospital settings, she has witnessed a lot of discrimination regarding mental health and now feels it is time to address this using a different approach, through support and education in collaboration with local communities.


Peter Smith

Peter has over 25 years’ experience in mental health both as a service user and health professional. He first experienced severe mental ill health at the age of 19, diagnosed with Schizophrenia then later changed to Bipolar Affective Disorder.

He has been medication free since 2003 and now does not consider himself to have a mental health diagnosis. He has a clear understanding of how the experience impacts the individual and those involved. He is passionate about supporting individuals who experience mental ill health as he knows that those that suffer mental ill health with the right support can recover and lead healthy and rewarding lives.

He works as a Senior Occupational Therapist within an Acute Mental Health setting.

Peter is also a qualified FA level two football coach and jointly set up the first mental health football league in England which operated in London, Surrey and Yorkshire.