Our Service

Leading by Example


What we do

Our service users are from a variety of backgrounds, both individuals and organisations and communities.

For example:-

Local community groups will benefit by us providing presentations and information regarding mental health and holistic well-being, along with cultural information, history and education. Support, counselling, mentoring and advocacy services for young black men and their families, providing information, advice and representation, via social media, talks and community presentations. We can also tailor events to support your needs.


Community Presence

We aim to work collaboratively with Police, Educational establishments and Employers to build better relationships which are often a challenge and the outcomes are very often young black males ending up being labelled as difficult/disruptive in school/college, which can often provoke them to seek out gangs and all that follows.

We can demonstrate evidence of where discrimination exists and how this can be challenged to build a more inclusive community.

Where families are broken leaving young black men vulnerable to being exploited, we aim to build a community family with positive role models to step in, encourage and guide those affected towards positive outcomes and achievement away from 'street families' and crime.


Educate and Collaborate

Cultural Businesses are potentially able to benefit, from working in partnership with Genuration Next. If a business owner is willing to offer a placement/ Saturday job or work experience a variety of benefits will be available to them such as advertising and potential staff members in the future.

We can provide information training and support where mental health experience is lacking, by supporting professionals in other fields such as the Police and Teaching.

Counsel / Mentor / Support